Tales of Landor


Tales of Landor is a action focussed, open world, 2D pixel style, PvEvP MMORPG. We are going back to the root of traditional roleplay concepts like character and skills development, gathering and crafting, skills, upgrading, looting and leveling and combine it with an open world where players have enormous impact on how the world works. Player driven politics, wars and trading.

Features planned (more details coming):

  • Semi-hardcore: When your character dies you loose all your inventory you are currently carrying. This can be hard but also very rewarding ganking other players.
  • Skill and Mastery system: Learning new skills and improve them over time to become more powerful.
  • Real open world NPC system: All NPCs can be killed. Even the important ones.
  • Player driven economics: All equipment items are crafted by players.
  • Guilds and Alliances: Group up with other players.
  • Region occupation system: Fight for land, glory and the right to rule entire regions.
  • Upgrade system: The more risk you are willing to take, the more reward.
AngryGinger at campfire.